In 2011, Stuart Anderson was hosting a lesson in Central Park when Mcdonald Predelus happened to join the event while working on a video shoot. McDonald & Stu became fast friends through their mutual aspirations of building the local skate community.


They realized that with Stuart’s community group and McDonald’s creative team, they had the opportunity to create something special: Ghostskate. Since then, they advanced Ghostskate’s mission to make skateboarding accessible to all by growing it into the largest skating group on with over 3,200 members in New York and Chicago 


Since 2010 the Ghostskate Meetup has hosted more than 100 events, and taught 1000's of New Yorkers how to skateboard.









I am a Brooklyn born skater who has grown to love the global longboarding community. I started running the skate meetup in 2011. Since then I have hosted more than a hundred events and skated with 1000’s of skaters both local and around the world. I value every chance I have to teach someone a new skill and have learned so much in my time in the skateboarding community.


My goal is to make learning to skateboard safe and accessible to everyone. I hope to grow Ghostskate to a global network that provides free community events to skaters all over the world.


Got a good event idea? Let me know and let’s make it happen!



I started longboarding after walking home one day and a couple of kids about the age of 10 doing Coleman slides near Union Sq. I had never seen this kind of skateboarding before, so I went home and looked up ‘sliding on a skateboard.’ One of the first videos I saw was Original Skateboard’s "Longboarding Freeride", and I said to myself "this is it! I am doing this!" I went straight to my local skate shop, bought a longboard, went to central park and started to skate. It felt as if I had been riding for years even though it was my first day being on a skateboard. That same first day I met a local community member Solomon and he told me about the Broadway Bomb race which was coming up. And after that, before I knew it, I was skating in traffic and riding the concrete wave of the New York City Traffic. That is when I knew I was hooked and my lifestyle would change forever.  


Pushing your board through the street is like surfing on concrete; it brings you in tune with the city. I have skated every borough and every part of New York and hope to skate in every part of Chicago just share my experience with the world.