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Getting Together to Make Skateboarding  More Accessible

To continue our mission of uniting the skateboarding community, we launched a new organizing structure that utilizes smaller community gatherings and reduces contact risks; we call it The Ghostskate Together Initiative. We want everyone to get the benefits of skateboarding with their community, while maintaining safe social-distancing.

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Suggest a Spot

Submit your skate spot to the Ghostskate Together Initiative by filling out THE SKATE SPOT FORM. Suggest a spot in NY, NJ or Chicago that can hold up to 10 skaters safely. The best spots are in low traffic park spaces with smooth pavement clear of rocks and debris.

How It Works

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Step One

Submit a spot in NY, NJ or Chicago!

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Step Two

Ghostskate will schedule a skate at your spot. When 5 people RSVP the event is official!

Khaleeq photo of central park skate grou

Step Three

Show up and meet your local community. Don’t forget your helmet and mask!

Know a spot? Let us know!

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The Goal of the Initiative

The goal of the Initiative is to gather in a safe, socially-distanced manner by reducing the group sizes and the distance our members have to travel to attend an event. After community members suggest a local spot, Ghostskate creates a MeetUp event to bring together local skaters. The skates are capped at 10 attendees to maintain a safe group size.

Community Values

Please make friends! We encourage everyone to get to know each other, but this comes with mutual respect. If someone asks to be left alone, or for a behavior to stop, please take it seriously and heed the request.

Our gathering spaces are safe spaces. We won't condone any behavior that intentionally makes another feel unsafe or unwelcome. Lewd behavior will not be tolerated.

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Strengthen our community by posting about Ghostskate Together events and tag #Ghostskate & #Ghostskate Together to promote visibility and accountability.

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