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Ghostskate is a community organization by skaters for skaters. That means we are a group that has been founded on passion, not on profit. We want to continue providing free skate events for skaters around the country, but we need your help to do it! By contributing to Ghostskate you are helping us provide the MeetUp groups and organizing time that it takes to bring the community together. By supporting Ghostskate today you are helping someone love skateboarding tomorrow.

What does it mean to our community?

Over the last 10 years Ghostskate has held over 500 events bringing skaters together without barriers. We have created open avenues for people to get to know skateboarding for the accessible and beneficial board sport that it is. Your support helps us create more safe skate spaces, spend more time connecting our community, and create bigger events for everyone.

Become a Supporter

If you have come out to our events consider contributing to the Ghostskate community! Help someone love skateboarding tomorrow, by supporting Ghostskate today.

$5 Support Us

Contribute to our MeetUp and Website Fees.

$10 Support Us

Expand our community outreach.

$20 Support Us

Provide a social distance skate!

Contributions made to Ghostskate go to supporting the skateboarding community but are not tax deductible. Ghostskate is a community supported organization and is not a non-profit organization.

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